Monday, November 11, 2013

More Cone 6 glaze testing.

 These first 3 mugs are 2 of the glazes from the first round that I have great interest in. The only difference is I have tried a black liner glaze instead of a white one. I love the look of the mug in the middle and am looking forward to this combination. With the other green glaze I am preferring the white much more. It looks great overlapped and I think the white looks better as a liner as well.
 So, these green mugs you see on the right and left are further testing of the brown glaze that had green highlights from the first batch. Now the glaze is green with brown breaking, I believe it is a thickness issue and will run some more with this glaze to determine what is happening. I do love the green ones, especially the dark brown on the right one creating by overlapping the black glaze. This glaze could almost be used for 2 different glazes by just application thickness.
These are just some oil bottles and a tea bowl with the above glazes and overlaps.