Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1st round Cone 6 glaze test results.

The pots below represent the first batch of glaze tests that had promising results in test tile form. All have been stain tested and vinegar soaked to check from discoloration. results are stated below each group. If you see anything you like thus far please let me know.

This glaze is a semi matte green that has a seafoam gloss in spots. This has an overlap of gloss white on all the pots. The glaze seems very sensitive to thickness and temperature, but I love the speckled look so much. Further experiments are in the works. The glaze did not stain or dull in a vinegar bath, but may still need a liner after more testing.

This tan glaze is a semi matte that pools a glossy brown brown in indents. Also, when thicker it goes more glossy. The white over lap is creating some crazy running and purple sheen, probably from the titanium. It does stain lightly and will need a liner glaze, it looks wonderful with the dark liner I am working on. It does not discolor in vinegar testing. I am in love with this glaze and will be definitely using it.

This gloss brown has highlights of gloss green floating around in it. A good stable glaze that I will be testing a lot more with.

This seems to be a winner in the group. Reliable thru temperature and thickness. Zero staining or discoloration. I am going to call it Wintergreen. Semi matte/Semi Gloss it is a nice evergreen with white speckling. Will not need a liner glaze.

Due to the internet messing the colors send me a message if you would like further photos. I have a few more glazes ready for the next firing so stay tuned.


Mac Burns said...

What is the recipe for the gloss brown glaze with green highlights? I am a highschool student and would love to add this to our glaze selection!

Jon Whitney Pottery said...

it is called waterfall brown and can pretty much be found online. It tends to tempermental.